Pains au chocolat Tiramisu






5 Vegan Pains Au Chocolat, baked to packet instructions & cut in half width ways.

1 tin Coconut Milk, Cream reserved – water part discarded

1 pack (170g) Vegan Cream Cheese

1 tbs Cacao Powder

3 tbs Icing Sugar

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup/120ml Good Quality Coffee, brewed over ice

2 tbs Spiced Rum (optional)


4-5 tbs Dark Chocolate, shaved over the top

Coffee Beans, 3-4 per tiramisu (optional)


In a large mixing bowl add the coconut cream, cream cheese, cacao, sugar, vanilla & 2 tbs of brewed coffee. Whisk the mixture until it’s thick and creamy and holds itself. This should take you around 2-3 minutes.

Mix together the rum & left over coffee in a small mixing bowl.

To build your tiramisu, individually dip pieces of pan au chocolate into the rum & coffee mixture then place them into your serving containers (I used small glasses).

Alternate between layers of soaked pains au chocolat & tiramisu cream. Garnish your tiramisu with chocolate shaving & a few coffee beans.

You can either serve right or away or keep the tiramisu in your fridge, covered for up to 2 days.

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