La Boulangère embodies the generous and caring baker’s wife - who has a passion for quality! We offer a wide range of French-style breads and morning treats, including brioches and viennoiseries. Our artisan bakers passionately follow the tradition of fresh-baking, just on a bigger scale. It’s a meticulous routine happily repeated for the enjoyment of so many people, where lifestyle meets taste.

No compromise

There’s no compromise on quality despite the long shelf life of the products. La Boulangère exists so that you can experience the happiness of eating well! It’s so good that when you taste it you automatically say, ‘Oh, quel plaisir!’

Brand History Timeline


It all starts with a baker, his wife, and a bakery. Mr Fillon, at 22 years of age, buys a bakery in the region of La Vendée.


Mr Fillon takes over his parents’ bakery and is now managing 2 bakeries with his wife, Mrs Fillon


Mr Fillon starts delivering bread, then brioche, to the top three supermarkets in the region.


The La Boulangère company is created in Les Herbiers. Mr Fillon markets its products under the brand name, ‘La Boulangère.’


The partnership between Norac group and La Boulangère is formed.


New bread ranges appear in stores. La Boulangère builds a reputation for being full of great ideas, and the surprises don't stop there…


La Boulangère launches an organic range in France.


La Boulangère UK and it's product range is created for the UK market.


The La Boulangère UK classic range is first launched bringing Stone Oven Part Baked Baguette & Brioche Baguettes to UK retailers


Launch of vegan croissants and pains au chocolat to UK retailers


Launch of vegan plain & choc chip brioche rolls

Serving Suggestions

  • Delicious Sweet Treat

    Fill our pains au chocolat with 2 scoops of dairy free ice cream then top with a hand full of pistachio's and fresh raspberries for a refreshing sweet treat

  • Where French meets Vegan...

    To fulfil your wants – both in terms of taste and lifestyle choices – why not try our vegan croissants? They have an authentic, traditional taste that is even more enjoyable knowing that they are made from 100% non-animal ingredients.

  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Our delicious Stone Oven Baguettes make the perfect breakfast sandwich, simply pop in the oven for 10 minutes to achieve a crispy crust and a honeycomb crumb. Fill with bacon and a boiled egg for the perfect start to your day. 

  • The bread selection

    From our traditional stone oven baked baguettes to our hybrid breads range that includes our unique soft French baguettes (called ‘Baguettes Viennoises’ in France, literally meaning ‘Vienna Breads’) as well as our great brioche burger buns, the choice is yours to wake up your senses when enjoying their great taste.